Red Rooster Cafe rockets to top-spot on TripAdvisor

Uncategorized — September 10, 2012

Red Rooster Cafe on TripAdvisorEveryone is Sebastian, Florida, is talking about the Red Rooster Cafe, which is now ranked number one out of the area’s 41 restaurants on TripAdvisor.

The Red Rooster Cafe is one of Sly Mongoose Design’s oldest clients. We initially created their website four years ago, and have been evolving with the times ever since. A year ago we added a simple newsletter sign up form on the website, which we have watched grow to nearly 500 subscribers. Now the Red Rooster Cafe sends out a weekly newsletter (designed by Sly Mongoose) advertising weekly specials and other promotions.

Visit the Red Rooster Cafe online at

Anela’s Kayaks Website Officially Launched

Uncategorized — July 29, 2012

When Dorothy, owner of Anela’s Kayak’s in Captain Cook, asked if we could make a website for their kayak rental business, I was thrilled. I sit at my desk every day and stare out at Kealakekua Bay, envious of all those kayaks going out in the water. So I called Gavin and had  him work up a logo design for them, and together we incorporated a unique yet informative header for the website to relay the most important aspects. I tried to draw upon my own experiences to help create a billboard for the top of their web page. I think Gavin came up with a great logo design, and I love the dolphin that he sketched out for me in Illlustrator.

Kayak rentals to the Captain Cook monument in Kealakekua Bay on the Big Island of Hawaii

I have kayaked across Kealakekua Bay to the Captain Cook monument several times, and every trip has been an adventure. A couple times I have encountered spinner dolphins while kayaking across, but I have noticed that they usually come out early (7 am-ish) and since I am not an early riser I usually miss them. But I have been fortunate enough to see the dolphins a few times, and once you get to the monument and jump in the water, the snorkeling is phenomenal. The water is always crystal clear, there’s always a ton of fish …. it’s always a lot of fun.

A moray eel pokes his head out of the reef near the captain cook monument.

So anyway, I was more than happy to make them a web site, so I hope that people traveling in the South Kona and Captain Cook area will be able to find a way to kayak across Kealakekua Bay.

Hawaii Northern Cardinal

Uncategorized — May 12, 2012
A female Northern Cardinal perches in a Ti plant in Captain Cook, on the Big Island of Hawaii

A female Northern Cardinal perches in a Ti plant in Captain Cook, on the Big Island of Hawaii

These cardinals keep loitering around the garden area outside my office door all morning. Haven’t got a decent shot of the red cardinal yet, but I did get a few good pictures of his partner. The cardinals here on the Big Island of Hawaii are pretty much the same Northern Cardinal you would find anywhere else in the United States, or so it seems. And, as always, you can see the female northern cardinal lacks the vivid red color of her male counterpart.

a female hawaiian northern cardinal perches in a tree in south kona, big island, hawaii

The female Northern Cardinal lacks the vivid red color of the male

The Northern Cardinal is one of three birds in the genus Cardinalis and is included in the family Cardinalidae.The common name, as well as the scientific name, of the Northern Cardinal refers to the cardinals of the Roman Catholic Church, who wear distinctive red robes and caps. The term “Northern” in the common name refers to its range, as it is the northernmost cardinal species.

New Web Site Launched for Kiilae Farms in South Kona

Uncategorized — July 5, 2011

Website re-design and conversion to wordpress for real estate development Ki’ilae Farms in South Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii. The new site is much more visually appealing and search engine friendly than the old site, and overall just a better representation of the properties themselves.

The views have never been better and the prices have never been lower … isn’t it time you thought about moving to Hawaii? Check out the site at today and see for yourself!

My cat looks just like Leonardo DiCaprio

Uncategorized — June 20, 2011

famous cat look alikes - sodapop the cat looks very similar to leonardo dicaprio the actor

my cats are big leonardo dicaprio fans, i guess. sodapop especially. she’s been trying to do this look ever since we watched shutter island the other night

Sly Mongoose is Racing for a Cure

Uncategorized — November 4, 2010

Sly Mongoose is Racing for a Cure to beat Autism
Sly Mongoose has teamed with Racing for a Cure to help children and adults with special needs and disabilities. The core mission of Racing For A Cure is to raise funds for the research, treatment, care and education needed to cure and help People with Special Needs and Disabilities. Racecar driver Bobby Joe Woodley has sponsored Racing for a Cure, and together they help raise awarness by selling vinyl stars on the #98 Woodley Motor Sports team car.

Racing for a Cure recognizes that there are lots of great organizations around who do a wonderful job in helping People with Special Needs, and they don’t want those organizations to have to waste large amounts of their valuable time and resources doing fundraising. That’s where Racing for a Cure comes in. Racing for a Cure raises the money needed, then distributes the funds to research centers, therapeutic centers, care centers and schools that provide services for People with these different Special Needs Disabilities. You can check out our list of organizations that benefit from the generous donations on Racing for a Cure’s website.

So buy a star – or just make a donation! Either way you will become a Star for a Cure!

Racing for a Cure for Autism Racing for a Cure website layout and design

Wired Dog Kona Coffee’s bag officially has a label

Uncategorized — November 1, 2010

Wired Dog Kona Coffee label - kona coffee label design
It’s official! Wired Dog Kona Coffee’s bag now has a label! We’ve been ironing out the organic certification verbage for the last week … it has now been approved and is on it’s way to the printer!

Wired Dog’s certified organic Kona Coffee is grown on their Captain Cook estate, which is nestled among the fertile hills of South Kona, Hawaii. Modoc Farm is at the cool elevation of 1960 feet, which allows them to grow some of the finest coffee beans along the South Kona coast.

Visit their website at and try some for yourself!

Sly Mongoose Hooks A Winner With Redfish Ads

Uncategorized — June 17, 2010

Tulsa web design and billboard design

Sly Mongoose has been designing the billboard layouts for Redfish Advertising for quite some time, and recently we gave the website over at Red Fish Ads a well-needed overhaul.

You may have seen Redfish’s handiwork spread out alongside the highways and biways of Tulsa, so now steer your attention over to their site at and see for yourself!

Redfish Advertising is an independently owned and operated company based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Redfish is dedicated to the success of local businesses via the medium of outdoor advertising.

Redfish Outdoor Advertising and Billboard Design Tulsa OklahomaRedfish Outdoor Advertising and Billboard Design Tulsa Oklahoma

Insurance giant’s monopoly grows as geckos run rampant on Big Island

Uncategorized — May 5, 2010
Geico geckos taking over the Big Island of Hawaii

Gecko sitting on my computer, trying to push a new rate quote my way

Auto insurance giant Geico obviously has an extremely strong hold throughout the Big Island of Hawaii. Geico, whose spokesman happens to be a gecko, has infested the Big Island with millions upon millions of green spotted day geckos, each waiting to sell you car insurance every time you turn around.

I go to the coffee pot, there’s a gecko waiting with a new rate quote. I’ve told these guys a million times that I already have Geico insurance, but it seems to do little good. There’s running all over the counter, drinking my POG, sitting atop my computer, my TV, my ceilings … basically just invading my life.

What’s next? Are ducks going to be raiding my shower next year?

Geico gecko

Another gecko watching me from my wireless router

Geico gecko

Gecko trying to hide in my paper towels

kentucky derby 2008

Uncategorized — May 1, 2010

Seems that the first Saturday in May crept up on me in 2010. In fact, I had no idea it was even May until the race was over … must be the first Kentucky Derby I haven’t bet on in 7 years at least … Guess that’s the price to pay for living on an island.
Anyway, as a tribute to this year’s racing season, I wanted to turn back the clock to 2008 …

* * *

So there it was the first Saturday in May and we needed to find the closest off-track betting parlor. Of course, the Space Coast doesn’t have its own horse track, so I was forced to settle for the next best thing…the Melbourne Dog Track.

It was a strange way to witness the 134th running of the Kentucky Derby. And although I hadn’t followed the horses for some time, well, as a gambler, it was only appropriate that I take the proper actions to ensure I got a bet down on somebody, for better or worse. Besides, with horse racing as with many other things, the less you know can be better….this way I could go in with a clear head. I didn’t have all that pre-race gibberish clouding my mind, distorting my judgments…

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