Insurance giant’s monopoly grows as geckos run rampant on Big Island

Uncategorized — May 5, 2010
Geico geckos taking over the Big Island of Hawaii

Gecko sitting on my computer, trying to push a new rate quote my way

Auto insurance giant Geico obviously has an extremely strong hold throughout the Big Island of Hawaii. Geico, whose spokesman happens to be a gecko, has infested the Big Island with millions upon millions of green spotted day geckos, each waiting to sell you car insurance every time you turn around.

I go to the coffee pot, there’s a gecko waiting with a new rate quote. I’ve told these guys a million times that I already have Geico insurance, but it seems to do little good. There’s running all over the counter, drinking my POG, sitting atop my computer, my TV, my ceilings … basically just invading my life.

What’s next? Are ducks going to be raiding my shower next year?

Geico gecko

Another gecko watching me from my wireless router

Geico gecko

Gecko trying to hide in my paper towels